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I am jhilton0907 or John, I am a fan fiction writer and fan artist. I am a Alpha and Omega artist, but now doing a lot of My Little Pony. I am a huge Kate, Lilly, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash fan. I also do a lot of Kaa images. Please fav, comment my work. I put in a lot of work in my images and stories.

I'm also a gamer. I play a lot of Zelda, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, The Sims, and Town of Salem.

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot dA Thanks Stamp. by jugga-lizzle [Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest I appreciate all support :D by rJoyceyy I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle Alpha and Omega stamp by Chidori1334 Another Alpha and Omega Stamp by Chidori1334 Alpha and Omega Stamp by SBsStampAttack Lilly Fan Stamp by Chidori1334 Garth and Lilly Stamp by Chidori1334 Kate and Humphrey stamp by Chidori1334 Humphrey and Kate stamp 1 by Chidori1334 Kate Fan Stamp by Chidori1334 Humphrey Fan Stamp by Chidori1334 GarthxLilly stamp - 2 by Chidori1334 Alpha and Omega Stamp by Howie62 Kate Stamp by Chidori1334 User by JakProjects Minecraft Stamp by Ymeisnot Awkward Moments for Sims by Starlow-FTW Major Sims Addict Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps The Sims 3 Addict Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Sims 3 Stamp by Latias-Flyer The Sims 3 Stamp by snwgames Addicted to The Sims Stamp by ChibiAngel86 Sims 4 Stamp by The-Kitten-Crisis (Request) The Sims 4 fan stamp by MarioSonicPeace The Sims 4 Stamp by PiekarzPL MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty Generosity-MLP Stamp by MissyTheUnicorn Honesty-MLP Stamp by MissyTheUnicorn Laugh-MLP stamp by MissyTheUnicorn I have Loyalty-MLP Stamp by MissyTheUnicorn I have Kindness in me-MLP Stamp by MissyTheUnicorn Twilight Needs More Love :c by CocoChipooRocksI :heart: Creepers: minecraft stamp by Galialay Creeper Stamp Template by psychotara Wishful Thinking by whispwill Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Thank You... by jennyleigh Thanks for visitin by k-nelo Support Creativity by Putri-984 Thank you for the favs Stamp by violetsteel The Gallery Stamp by Busiris Dlive22891 Stamp by SupporterOfRainbows2 EntoanThePack Stamp by SupporterOfRainbows2 Markiplier Stamp by Stamp3Maker

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Journal History

After much thinking and it is now time to announce a update for my My Little Pony Horror story, The Haunting in Ponyville. A lot of new details came to me and now it looks like this Halloween, we will finally see the first chapter of the story. So here is the actually summary of the story:

Twilight Sparkle finds herself in trouble when she accidentally unleashed an evil demonic spirit on Equestria, turning everything into a twisted dark reality. It is up to Twilight and her friends to fight the evil pressence and save all of Equestria, but can Twilight handle the dark history of Ponyville that Celestia had kept hidden for many years.

There you have it, please note, that this will be a mature story and pretty emotional, as there will be violence and some disturbing themes. Now one major part of the story is that I intend to bring almost if not all of the characters from the series. That means Discord will be in this, as well as Sombra and Chrysallis. Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry will also be in the story, but I making a dark twist on one of them, one that brings Twilight to the edge. So, who will be the main antagonist of the story, well, here he is... one of my newest OCs for the story.

Shadow Pony -

Yes, the Shadow Pony is the main antagonist. He is going to be extremely scary, in fact, he is so scary, that even Celestia and Luna are afraid of him. So far, he is my darkest character for My Little Pony. However, he will in fact act behind another OC of mine, Ashley, the sweetheart of Ponyville.

The Spirit of Ponyville

One of the biggest parts of the story is that I will also make two new OCs and pair them with two of the Main Six. Rainbow Dash is one of them. However, Rarity will be with Spike, as he will have a big part in the story. As he has to face off against a character that I've been wanting to work with, that is Nightmare Rarity.

At the moment, Luna will be getting a big part in the story, while Celestia will have a minor part. I also intend Derpy to have a big part, as she will have a big part in my other My Little Pony story, Red Ponies vs Blue Ponies, where Derpy will be the most funniest character of the story. Well, I think that is it for now... I've been planning this out for a while and now is the right time. But before I go, I decided to do a tagline of the story, so here it is...

Never look behind you!

This is a big hint at how the Shadow Pony acts... and no, he isn't Slender Man or in My Little Pony terms, Slender Pony. Just take a look at Shadow Pony and tell me if you like to see that behind you. I know I wouldn't. Have a nice night/day and see you in the next update... Before I go, I did say I have two images ready for upload, so if you would like to see them, please comment on my status... I plan on releasing four images but this recent update is taking a bit longer, as well as my writing update. So if you like to see those images, then comment, so far, they are all for Red Ponies vs Blue Ponies, one of them is a funny moment with Derpy


Next update is slowly coming. So far, this update will have a few new Kaa images, as well as a couple new hypnotic images, one featuring Princess Luna, and the other for Kate (Probably for Worth Fighting For). Also expect more Zootopia in the future, I have image ideas for that, including a few Judy Hopps images.
Chapter 2 of Worth Fighting For is available to read

Chapter Two - The Plan Begins

Well, here is the second chapter to Worth Fighting For. Looks like Silver is going through problems and he already messed with Kate, Winston, and Eve. It's only a matter of time before Humphrey realizes what is going on. So enjoy the chapter.

Humphrey's POV

I was having a nice dream of what future me and Kate will have, when all of a sudden, a voice spoke to me.

'Humphrey?!' the voice said.

"Who's there?" I asked, looking around, but saw no one there.

I also realized that I was awake when the voice started calling me. It didn't sound like Kate or anyone I knew... it was an unknown voice.

'Humphrey...' the voice said again, but softly.

"Alright, who's there! Show yourself!" I shouted, ready to defend my beloved Kate from who ever is calling me.

Nothing answered back, so I checked on Kate to see her sleeping peacefully, a blissful smile on her face.

"Oh Kate, if only you know how much I love you," I said, stroking her head softly.

Kate smiled even more when I did that, making me smile as well.

"Mmm... Humphrey... don't stop," Kate said quietly in her sleep.

She's dreaming of me... how lucky am I?! First, I was just a lowly Omega, losing everything I loved... my home, my family, even my friends... then, out of luck, I was rescued by Winston and Eve. It was then that I met Kate, little did I know, she was going to be mine.

Suddenly, someone started licking my cheek, making me jump. They giggled at my reaction, but I knew their giggle from anywhere else, my beautiful Kate.

"Sorry my love, didn't mean to scare you," Kate said, in a sweet voice.

I smiled and started nuzzling her, "It's ok my sweet Kate, it's a good wake up call though."

Kate kissed me, "I love you Humphrey... you know that?"

I smiled, "Yes sweetheart, I do know that, and let me tell you something, do you know that I love you with all my heart?"

Kate started to tear up, "Yes my love, I do know that, and I love you with all my heart... I love you so much!"

"Come here, sweetheart," I said, pulling her into a tight hug.

Kate buried her face into my neck, softly inhaling my scent, a few tears coming down her face.

"I'm so lucky to have my handsome Omega..." Kate said, softly, nuzzling me lovingly.

"And I'm lucky to have my beautiful sexy Alpha," I said, kissing her forehead.

Oh Kate, this feels so right, holding you in my arms. I made the right choice, not giving up on my feelings for you.

But my happiness fade for a moment... when I looked on a certain object in the den. It was a piece of wood, with writing that meant the world to me. Kate understood why it meant so much to me.

"Thinking about him again?" Kate asked, looking up.

"Yes Kate... I just miss him..." I said, started to tear up..."When those damn wolves came and killed my pack, they took him away..."

"Don't cry Humphrey, I'm sure he is alive... somewhere?" Kate said, trying to cheer me up.

"I know sweetheart, but what if he's dead... I couldn't live with myself knowing my little brother was out there... alone... without someone to take care of him."

"I would have loved to meet him. Wait a minute, you know what? maybe later on today, we can talk to my dad and see if you and me can search for him," Kate said, smiling.

"Yeah, we should do that... after all, you and me are a great team," I said, smiling, happiness returning to me, "I'm going to talk to Silver, maybe he knows about the wolves that took my brother."

"Why would he know that?" Kate asked, confused.

"Kate, I don't know, but I have to try and ask him... he said he was exploring the world, right?" I asked Kate, who nodded in confirmation, "Then he had to have run into those wolves... they pretty much have a large territory."

"Maybe you're right... plus, he hasn't talked much since he arrived... you know what, I'll talk to him about it," Kate said in a perky voice.

"You do that for me?" I asked, smiling.

"Of course my love... I'll do anything for you, just like you did everything for me," Kate said, licking my cheek, "Besides, Ash is a part of my family."

I smiled and nuzzled her neck, causing her to giggle softly, "You're the best Kate."

Kate shook her head, "No I'm not handsome... after almost losing you twice, I am far from the best... you however are the best and that's all that matters to me."

"Kate, you never lost me, and you never will," I said, placing one of my paws on her cheek, staring deep into her beautiful amber eyes.

"I love you," Kate said, softly.

"I love you too," I said, kissing Kate.

Kate kissed me again, but it had more passion. This was what I loved most about our relationship, we both loved each other deeply and we were both devoted and faithful to one another.

We both stopped kissing and just stood there, staring into each other's eyes. However, I was mostly admiring the beauty of her eyes, how they had a certain sparkle in them. But that is far from how beautiful they were, what I found to be most beautiful about her eyes is that they revealed who she truly was... a kind hearted, lovable girl.

I turned to look outside and saw it was morning already, then I turned back to Kate, who had a blissful smile on her face.

"Looks like it's morning... I guess time flies when you stare at beauty," I said, making her blush.

"Yeah, and you weren't so bad yourself, handsome..." Kate said, battering her eyes at me.

I knew what she was trying to do, "Ok Kate, if you're trying to seduce me, then wait till tonight, then we can have all the fun."

Kate faked a pouting face, but still had the cute smile of hers, "Oh darn... but I wanna do it now."

"Look Kate, I know you want to, I want to as well, but remember, we have plans today... I have to distract your dad and keep him busy all day so you and your mother can get his party ready," I said, getting a few giggles out of her.

"I know that, just couldn't resist doing that," Kate said, still giggling.

I kissed her again, then licking her nose, "I promise, that tonight, we can do it if you want."

Kate gave me a seductive smile. "I can't wait... I'm going to show you the best time of your life."

"Me too, they say the second time is better than the first," I said, smiling at her.

She then flicked her tail underneath my chin, still staring at me with that seductive smile of hers, "I still remember our first time... how you were so gentle with me, making sure I was ok throughout the entire mating process."

"It's because I care about you Kate, I don't want to be the one that hurts you, I want to be the one that protects you from all harm," I said, proudly.

I already failed at keeping my little brother safe, I wasn't going to fail from keeping Kate safe.

Not wanting to ruin any of our plans, we decided to pull away before we were tempted at doing something else. Kate decided to wash up before heading over, while I decided to go ahead and get Winston, starting our day of bonding.

Before leaving, I took a quick look at the piece of wood, "I promise Ash, I will find you and bring you back, even if it kills me... sorry I couldn't be a better brother, but I will make this up somehow."

Silver's POV - Moments earlier

I just woke from my sleep. It was better than how I slept before, but I was mostly thinking of her. Imagining how it would look if she was mine, not Humphrey's.

I was stuck in my own thoughts, that I didn't realize someone was behind me.

"Remember me?" the wolf said, making me jump.

I turned to look at him and saw it was my mentor, Sam.

"Gosh, you scared me sir..." I said, laughing silently.

Sam laughed as well, but more evilly, "What can I say, I'm a very scary wolf... so tell me Silver! How is your mission going? Did you get that girl you were after?"

"Does it look it like I got her..." I said, sarcastically, but that made Sam blow up in my face, "Don't your dare be sarcastic to me, you understand!"

"Yes sir! Sorry," I said, scared.

"Good, never let it happen again," Sam said, calming down, "So, you don't have her, why don't you use your ability... the one I gave you."

"I did, I planted a simple thought in her mind, so I'll use that as a way to poison her against her mate," I said, proudly.

"Ugh, she has a mate, why don't you hypnotize him as well!" Sam said, annoyed.

"I can't sir, he is one of those lowly Omegas you warned me about!" I said, backing away slowly.

"I see now, you are showing mercy to him!" Sam said, his fur bristling up.

"Not like that sir! Honest!" I said, shaking.

"So, this is the thanks I get!" Sam said, hitting me in the face, "After all I did for you, this is the friggin best you can do!"

"Sir... I," I couldn't finish when Sam got in my face, "Shut the hell up... you will speak when I want you to speak."

I slowly nodded, as Sam continued speaking to me.

"You remember how you first came to me?" Sam said, I remained silent, not remember some past memories.

"I'll tell you... I remember rescuing a cute little pup from a dangerous little pack and took him into my own home... who shared his own food with you, and even teaching you how to be the wolf you are now!" Sam said, making a point to me.

I did owe him everything, after all he did for me. But what confused me the most, was the beginning part, I don't remember any of that.

"Then how come I don't remember any of the beginning part?" I asked, softly.

"Because I don't want you to remember that... everything that pack did to you, made you a softy, but I made you strong, the way you are supposed to be," Sam said, walking away, his back to me.

"You mean, you messed with my mind... that could be an important memory!" I said, when my good side came back to me, 'Good job Silver, fight back... this wolf has done a lot to you, even hid everything from you.'

Sam just glared at me, killer intent in his eyes, "You say something like again, and I will kill everyone you know and love... including that Kate of your."

"You wouldn't!" I said, scared for her.

"Try me, but better yet, since you planted that thought in her mind, I could use that and make her my slave, then I will force you to watch what I will do to her," Sam said, licking his chomps suggestively.

"Alright sir... I won't do this again," I said, in defeat.

"Good... obey me Silver and you will have your precious Kate for life, as your mate and slave," Sam said, walking up to me, placing my paw underneath my chin. He lifted my head so I could look at him.

"Now, go and start brainwashing her against that Omega mate of hers," Sam said, smiling evilly.

"Yes sir," I said, nodding.

After that, he walked out of the den, leaving me alone.

'You idiot! You could have defeated him,' my good side said.

"I couldn't fight him, or he will hurt Kate or worse, enslave her to his will," I said, softly, tears coming down my face.

'You were going to do the same thing to her,' my good side said.

"Ugh, you are really frustrating! You know that!" I said, annoyed.

'Well, at least I know who I am, while you believe everything Sam told you,' my good side said.

"He speaks the truth, while you tell lies!" I said, baring my teeth.

'Damn, Sam has really destroyed you... your mind must be dead from all the brainwashing,' my good side said.

"Lies! I know what I must do," I said, confidently, "Kate, you become mine today, but for now, we'll just slowly damage your relationship."

I walked out of then den and towards her and Humphrey's den.

'I hope Humphrey answers me next time I try to call him, he needs to know about this?' my good said, making me angry.

As soon as I made it to the entrance, I saw Kate and Humphrey both talking to each other. I used this moment to finally manipulate Kate without her knowing it. My eyes were glowing and I took control of her mind, planting another thought in it.

"Good, once she obeys that thought, I'll take her," I said, laughing evilly.

I heard Kate said she was going to wash up, but as soon as I saw her, she was headed towards a secluded spot, where I will put my plan into motion. I quiet snuck ahead of her, hiding next to a tree, keeping an eye out for her.

'She listened to my thought, once she looks into my eyes, she will be mine,' I thought, laughing.

Kate's POV

After a nice moment with Humphrey, I wanted to quickly wash up before heading to the Alpha Den. I walked out of the den and could have sworn that Silver was outside the den. I shrugged off the thought and continued walking towards the river where everyone takes their baths.

With it being morning, I wanted to enjoy my alone time, thinking only about my handsome Omega, so I took the shortcut through a secluded spot, heading straight towards the river. There was a small breeze, which quickly cooled everything. I also noticed that not many wolves were up, making me smile.

That means that the river is empty now, and I wouldn't get any flirtatious stares from the males. I hate it when they do that, especially since I'm with Humphrey.

I almost walked past Silver who was just standing next to the trees, almost hiding from sight.

"Good morning Kate!" Silver said, making me jump. He only laughed softly, walking towards me, a smile on his face.

"Gosh Silver... you scared the shit out of me!" I said, laughing.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you..." Silver said, sitting right in front of me, still smiling.

"It's fine... just don't do it again... ok," I said, not noticing his eyes were beginning to glow.

"So what are you up to?" Silver said, staring deep into my eyes, his eyes fully glowing.

I couldn't help but stare into his eyes, they were pretty to look at though.

"I... I... I'm about... to wash up... before heading to... to the... Alpha Den," I said, struggling with the sentence.

He smiled even more, "Mind if I join you?"

His eyes began to swirl, making it harder for me to look away.

"Uh... I... don't... think..." I said, feeling all thoughts drain from my mind.

His eyes were locked with mine, spiraling, and I was slowly losing myself to his gaze. Just like that, I wanted Silver to join me, to help me wash up... but I was devoted to Humphrey, that would be considered cheating on him. I couldn't do that to him, but his eyes were taking hold of me, like I couldn't say no... no, I wouldn't... I want to obey.

"Yes... I love that," I said, sleepily.

Silver smiled, "Excellent, now when I lick your cheek, you will remember wanting me to join you, helping you wash up, alright."

"Yes master," I said, sleepily.

Wait a minute, that word, I said it before... no, this isn't good, he has me under his spell... I got to snap out of it.

Then he licked my cheek and everything went back to normal... what I was thinking disappeared, replaced with what Silver planted in me just now.

I smiled at Silver, "So, shall we go?"

"Oh yeah," Silver said, smiling evilly.

We both walked towards the river, but I was in a battle with myself. Silver done something to me and I'm trying to stay true to Humphrey. All I hope is that Humphrey saves me from this or at least believe me that I wouldn't cheat on him. If I lose Humphrey because of Silver I would never forgive him.

Humphrey's POV

I was slowly getting depressed again, thinking about my beloved brother who was taken from my a long time ago. Kate thinks he is alive, but I was worried about him actually being dead. All I know, I won't rest until he is found... right now, I really need to know if he is alive or dead.

I even remember the last memory of him, the moment he was kidnapped.

Flashback - 2 Years ago - Sawtooth National Forest

I was sleeping silently next to one of my favorite trees, it was a place that me and my brother Ash found a while ago. It provided the best shade in our little home, perfect for any hot day. In the distance, I heard a cute little voice calling out to me.

"Big Brother!" The voice said, "There you are!"

I opened my eyes and saw Ash staring at me, with a big smile on his face.

"Morning little brother," I said, sleepily.

"Morning sleepy beauty," Ash said, in the most cutest voice ever.

"Why were you calling me," I said, getting up, shaking my head of the tiredness.

"Oh come on big brother, don't give me that... do you have any idea what today is?!" Ash said, excitedly.

I took a moment to think, not having a clue as to what day it was.

"Um, is it the day we go to the watering hole... to cool off or something," I said, faking a smile, but Ash saw through it.

"Nope!" Ash said, still smiling, "You don't remember, do you?"

I nodded in confirmation, but that just made him smile even more.

"Great, then I can surprise you!" Ash said, pulling out a small piece of wood, "Happy birthday big brother!"

The wood he had was carefully carved out, that had writing and one of his cute little drawings. I smiled as I admired the piece of wood.

"It's my birthday!" I said, smiling... Ash nodded in confirmation.

I took the piece of wood and read what was on it.

It read, 'Happy Birthday Big Brother... thank you for being the best big brother in the world. I hope you like this as I didn't know what to do for you on your big day... sorry, please don't be mad at me... Ash.'

I chuckled at the last part, before dropping the wood and grabbing Ash, hugging him tightly.

"Thank you Ash, I love it," I said, tearing up a bit.

"Good, I was worried you would hate it," Ash said, laughing a bit.

"Oh come on Ashy, I love everything you do for me, you're the best brother in the world," I said,releasing the hug.

"You are too..." Ash said, bashfully.

"Boys, time for breakfast!" A voice shouted at us.

We both ran back to our den, where our mother, Sarah, and our father, Peter, sat, with a dead deer next to them.

"Oh yum... I love deer in the morning," Ash said, in a cute voice.

"You got that right brother," I said, walking closer to the deer.

"Are you ready to eat, sweetie," Sarah said, lovingly.

"Yes," Me and Ash said, at the same time.

We both looked at each other and smiled.

Peter shook his head, smiling, "Boy, you two are definately alike... it's a good thing that Ash has white fur or we will never be able to tell you two apart."

He was right, Ash was so much like me, he almost has the same exactly voice as me but he was so soft, unlike mine. Ash also has the shiniest white fur in the area, but his eyes were the same as me.

We were about to start eating when the next thing happened, shocked all of us.

Our neighboring wolves began shouting at everyone, telling them that bad wolves were attacking the pack.

Our dad quickly got up, ready to defend his home, he looked at us and mom, telling us to get to the safe zone in our pack.

Just then, three humongous wolves, two were brown furred and the other was golden tan furred. They all charged at us, but our dad jumped in front of us, fighting the wolves to the best of his ability.

The golden furred wolf took one swipe with his claws, slashing our dad's throat, making all of us scream in terror.

"Humphrey! Ash! Run to the safe zone!" Sarah said, pouncing on the golden furred wolf.

We didn't hesitate when the two wolves jumped on our mother, tearing into her. We took this and ran as fast as we can.

It was only a few seconds when we heard a wolf shout at the wolves killing our mother.

"You idiots, he's getting away!" the wolf shouted.

I took a look and saw a pitch black wolf chasing at us, his jaw open to grab one of us. His eyes were the color or blood. This made me scared as I pushed myself to go faster, but before I saw the wolf get closer to me.

"Not my big brother!" Ash shouted, jumping in front of me.

I stared in terror as the wolf clamped his jaw onto Ash, picking him up.

"Fine, he will have to do!" The wolf shouted, "Come on, let's get the hell out of here!"

"Ash!" I shouted, coming to a complete stop, but it was too late, he was already far away.

The last thing I heard was Ash call out to me, his sweet little voice scared from what was happening.

"No no no no! Give him back!" I shouted, running after them, but a pure silver pup pounced on me.

"No! Don't do that, he will kill you!" he shouted.

"I don't care! I need to help my brother!" I shouted, pushing the pup off of me.

But, the wolves just disappeared from sight... I stared into the distance, seeing my whole world come to an end.

"No! He's gone," I said, softly, tearing up.

"I'm sorry... the took my brother as well," the pup said, putting a paw on my shoulder.

"I can't believe he's gone, and it looks like he was protecting me... that wolf was going after me," I said softly, tears now streaming down my face, "What kind of brother just lets this shit happen!"

"Don't do that, buddy, it happens, you had no control over it..." the pup said, tears brimming his eyes, "What's done is done, what we can do now is find a way to get them back."

"I will do anything to get him back, even if it means me getting killed in the process,"I said, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Let's work together then, we both lost someone to those wolves," the pup said, "My name is Silver by the way."

"Humphrey," I said, turning to him.

End of flashback

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I almost didn't recognize him, that was him... the Silver Kate was friends with. It was strange that he didn't recognize me, but the question is, did he get his brother back and how did he escape?

The last time I saw Silver was when we found the lair of those wolves, but our plan was ruined when the wolf that took Ash appeared. He towered over us before knocking me to the ground. He also knock Siler but not to ground, but into another wolf.

Silver was taken into the den, while the wolf walked over to me, picking me up in his jaws. The last thing I remember was being thrown into river, which led me to Kate.

"I want Winston there when I confront Silver... he either was brainwashed or lost his memory," I said, walking out of the den, heading to the Alpha Den.

What I didn't know, is that Silver was indeed brainwashed and all his memories of meeting and helping me, were erased by that very wolf that took my beloved Ash.

A:N/: How was it ? Please review so I'll know the story is. So Humphrey has a brother and he was kidnapped before he met Kate. As to what that wood in Humphrey's den is, it's the wood from his brother, as to how he got it back, will be revealed in a sad flashback. Now, we know more about Silver and he is being used by Sam to take over Jasper. Now, Kate is already being manipulated by him, things do not look good. So, now it's voting time.

A) Kate is manipulated even more at the river and gets into a fight with Humphrey

B) Garth and Lilly section

C) Good Silver remembers Humphrey and tries to take control of himself

D) Ash is shown alive, unharmed

There you have it, vote for what happens next. Please review, I worked really hard on these two chapters. Kate vs Lilly will return, but for now, enjoy this story while I work around the writers block that is affecting Kate vs Lilly and Alpha and Omega 2: Reunited. Have a nice day/night.

How did you like the new images... planning more in the next update, with Katara under Kaa's spell, as well as a surprise My Little Pony character. Plus, I'm currently planning out the special OC I'm pairing with Rainbow Dash, named Sky Warmth
Bucky and Kaa by jhilton0907
Bucky and Kaa
Requested by Sunpack1990 

I was trying to find a good pose for this and this came up, I also wanted to make Kaa look a bit more evil than he was.

All credit goes to their respected owners

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Can you make Kaa hypnotizes Todd from The Fox and the Hound please
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Can you make three commissions of: Kaa and Peter - Make mine Music (1946), and Betty Cooper (from Archie Comics; and 1990's Dan Decarlo style) and Kaa and Cub Simba (The Lion King), please?
videoking14 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
Great update! Loving the Bucky and Perdita pictures. How's my request for Dingodile coming along?
Sunpack1990 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016
your Kaa art is amazing! If you're looking for suggestions, I've got some (you don't have to if you're too busy):

1. Tommy (Bucky)- Jungle Emperor Leo (1997)
2. Peter - Make mine Music (1946)
3. Betty & Veronica - Archie Comics
4. the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees,-Raggedy Ann & Andy (1977)

Can you do 4 of them please?
jhilton0907 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, I always try and provide the best Kaa images I could do. I do have good news.
Two of your suggestions have already been requested, Bucky and the Camel, but when the next image update comes, I will have Bucky among them. Plus, I will make a new background just like this:…

I will let you know if your other requests are coming. Peter and Camel will be done soon, just can't tell when due to my schedule
Sunpack1990 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016
How about both of the pictures with wrapped up coils, please?
jhilton0907 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Bucky is already coiled up, and I tend to work better with coiled up images, so those two will most likely be coiled up images. I haven't decided if any of them will not be coiled up
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Tyrannosaurus-Rulez Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Student Filmographer
Hi my Friend.
jhilton0907 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, how are you?
Tyrannosaurus-Rulez Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Student Filmographer
Oh I'm good and how are you too?
jhilton0907 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm doing good, just doing finished a new Kaa image
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jhilton0907 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I just done Duchess and Vixey, they will be out soon. Everything else has been noted for requests. 
You did an incredible job on Perdita, Duchess and Vixey! Who is next? (No need to rush)
jhilton0907 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I am planning on doing Tod, as it was just requested, plus Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender, and a surprise My Little Pony character. I'm also planning a love image for Tod and Vixey, even a detailed version of Vixey. I've done a few detailed versions of characters like Nala from Lion King, Jewel from Rio, Kate from Alpha and Omega, and Twilight Sparkle
HarrisonButterGem Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
still waiting bout the vee thing.
jhilton0907 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm planning on doing another Eevee and Kaa image with the next image update
HarrisonButterGem Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
jhilton0907 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Question? Would you like to see the same background in the new Eevee and Kaa image as seen here:…
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Magsoi Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016  Student General Artist
Cool drawings. I like your style c:
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