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United States
I am a writer on FanFiction by the same name, jhilton0907. I have written many stories for Alpha and Omega, Rio, and My Little Pony and have done images for Alpha and Omega, Rio, My Little Pony, Bambi, Balto, Zelda, Metroid, How To Train Your Dragon, and Lion King. I plan to make stories for Star Fox, Bambi, Balto, Legend of the Guardians, and Lion King. 2015 is going to be a bigger year for me as I will release many new stories as well as new images. Feel free to comment or fave any of my work. All is welcome here and you're all free to use my images, all I ask is a little heads ups before using it
.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot dA Thanks Stamp. by jugga-lizzle [Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest I appreciate all support :D by Timesplitter92 I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle dA Love Stamp. by jugga-lizzle dA Suppoter Stamp. by jugga-lizzle dA Pride Stamp. by jugga-lizzle

Alpha and Omega stamp by Chidori1334 Another Alpha and Omega Stamp by Chidori1334 Alpha and Omega Stamp by SBsStampAttack Lilly Fan Stamp by Chidori1334 Kate Fan Stamp by Chidori1334 Humphrey Fan Stamp by Chidori1334 GarthxLilly stamp - 2 by Chidori1334 Tony Fan Stamp by Chidori1334 Alpha and Omega Stamp by Howie62 Winston Fan Stamp by Chidori1334 Humphrey and Kate stamp 3 by Chidori1334 Young Humphrey stamp by Chidori1334 Lilly and Garth Stamp by VaneFox Kate Stamp by Chidori1334 Humphrey Stamp by Chidori1334 Alpha and Omega animated stamp by Sia-the-Mawile User by JakProjects User by Brashgirl901 The Alpha and Omega by PieWriter Silence Stamp by PieWriter

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  • Mood: Welcoming
I've been tagged by :icondragonstarv99:

RULES: must post these rules
2.answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made your own 10 questions for people you tag to answer
3.choose ten people and put their icons in this journal
4.go to their pages and inform them they have been tagged
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1. What is your reaction to Phone Guy in FNAF?
Not sure

2. Have you ever done Airsoft?
A few times but don't actually remember when

3. What is your number 1 favorite tv. show?
The Walking Dead, love the suspense

4. What is your favorite character? (anything book, game, tv show, etc.)
Kate (Alpha and Omega), I love her character development and thinks she looks cute with Humphrey

5. Quick you running in a zombie apocalypse there are three places to run 1: the woods where you don't know what is in there, 2: an old bridge that can hold only 5 people at a time, or 3: a small old cabin which has doors that cannot lock and the wood is rotted where did you go?
Well, from what I've seen in Walking Dead, anything can happen, so if this happens, I would take option 1 and take a chance, because you'll never know what is out there and anything bad can happen

6. What is your favorite old video game?
I'm a Zelda fan all the way, so I would have to say Ocarina of Time, one of the best Zelda games so far

7. How do you react to seeing Brad Pitt? 
Not sure, haven't seen much of his work

8. What is your favorite animal? (Fiction or real)
Wolves, I'm a huge Alpha and Omega fan, but I love all kinds of animals

9. Do you like waffles?

10. Number 1 favorite movie?
There so much I love, but if I have to pick a classic that I love most, it's James Cameron's award winner, Titanic with Leonardo Dicaprio. This will forever be my all time favorite movie

People I'm tagging

Now here are my questions:

1) What's your all time favorite song that you love to listen to?

2) Have you see Rio 2?

3) Favorite place to go on vacation?

4) If you can own a business, what would it be?

5) Favorite Disney Movie?

6) Do you like musical movies?

7) If you can hang with one of your favorite characters, who will it be and why?

8) What pet do you have?

9) What type of stories do you like reading?

10) If you could, would you love to be in a movie?


Look into my eyes Kate by jhilton0907
Look into my eyes Kate
Darko is back and he still trying to get Kate under his control. But this time, he has finally done it without being caught by his enemies. Who knew that an old friend of Kate would go this far to get her or even hide a dark secret from her. Can Humphrey stop Darko before it's too late but it may be challenging since Darko is a strong Vampire.

Below are other images of Darko
Kate hypnotized by a vampire 
Darko (Vampire Version)

In the background is the mountain where all the wolves howl at during the Moonlight Howl, I call it Moonlight Peak :)
Krystal Hypnotized by a Vampire by jhilton0907
Krystal Hypnotized by a Vampire
A Vampire who looks a bit like Fox sneaks into Krystal's home, where she is sleeping peacefully, dreaming of her future with Fox. She wakes up to see red glowing eyes staring at her, which immediately hypnotized her. Within moments, Krystal gave in and fell under the vampire's control. Helpless against him, she is picked up and taken away to who knows where. Can Fox save her in time before she becomes a slave to the vampire
Krystal at the Beach by jhilton0907
Krystal at the Beach
After their magical wedding and a wonderful honeymoon, the McClouds head to the beach where they spend more time together. Krystal, in her beach ware, looks at Fox with a smile.

I did this using an outline I made for Seductive Krystal.
Seductive Krystal by jhilton0907
Seductive Krystal
Ok, here is my second image of the lovely Krystal. She is on her honeymoon with Fox and decides to spice things up between them. She is wearing only a towel. This is set during the ending, Good-bye Fox. 

After their magical wedding, Fox takes Krystal to a beautiful house in the mountain side of Corneria. While Fox is away, Krystal gets herself ready for Fox. After he returns, he is surprised to see Krystal in only a towel as she looks at him seductively.

Krystal Icon 4 - Hello Handsome
Fox icon -OMGZ jaw drop- - Hello Gorgeous
Krystal Icon 4 - Want to have some fun?
Fox icon -OMGZ jaw drop- - Sure, as long as it is with you...
Krystal Icon 4 - Of course
Fox icon -OMGZ jaw drop- - (Climbs into bed with her and stares into her eyes) I love you Krystal
Krystal Icon 4 - (She smiles as she kisses Fox on the lips, pulling away after a minute) I love you, too Fox
Fox icon -OMGZ jaw drop- - I can't believe I'm married to you, this seems so much like a dream, but I'm glad I got you
Krystal Icon 4 - Me too Fox... I'm so glad I got you
Fox icon -OMGZ jaw drop- - Yeah (Kisses her again) I'm going to cherish you... forever
Krystal Icon 4 - Yeah, I will cherish you, too (Kisses him again) Now, please stop teasing me and let's get down to the fun part
Fox icon -OMGZ jaw drop- - Ok, anything for you, Krystal (He pushes her against the bed and kisses her)

After a night of lovemaking, new life was growing inside Krystal as her and Fox begin their journey as a married couple. Two weeks later, Krystal finds out she is pregnant and is happy with her new life with Fox. Being away from danger, Fox feels complete being with Krystal and is overjoyed to know they will soon have children. Before long, Krystal gave birth to Marcus McCloud, who would later be part of the new Star Fox team. 

This is one of three upcoming Krystal images. So expect more Krystal from me :)
Krystal Hypnotized by Scales by jhilton0907
Krystal Hypnotized by Scales
The evil Scales is back and he has plans for Krystal. Krystal, back in her original outfit, tries to get back with Fox but is kidnapped by Scales and used to lure Fox McCloud to his death. Krystal manages to warn Fox about Scale's plot to lure him to his death, but he loves her too much to let her go. But Scales has different plans for her, as he hypnotizes her with a golden watch, forcing her to go against Fox. Will Fox be able to free Krystal from Scale's control?

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