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United States
I am a writer on FanFiction by the same name, jhilton0907. I have written many stories for Alpha and Omega, Rio, and My Little Pony and have done images for Alpha and Omega, Rio, My Little Pony, Bambi, Balto, Zelda, Metroid, How To Train Your Dragon, and Lion King. I plan to make stories for Star Fox, Bambi, Balto, Legend of the Guardians, and Lion King. 2015 is going to be a bigger year for me as I will release many new stories as well as new images. Feel free to comment or fave any of my work. All is welcome here and you're all free to use my images, all I ask is a little heads ups before using it
.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot dA Thanks Stamp. by jugga-lizzle [Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest I appreciate all support :D by Timesplitter92 I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle dA Love Stamp. by jugga-lizzle dA Suppoter Stamp. by jugga-lizzle dA Pride Stamp. by jugga-lizzle

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Ok, I am happy to announce that there will be a few new updates to my stories. First of all, I am almost done on chapter 6 of A Lonely Omega, so that should be out soon. The next update will be for Apocalypse Part One, the third chapter to my Walking Dead theme crossover story. Then the final story will be for Jasper Park, the first prequel story for Alpha and Omega that will explore the origins of the characters of Alpha and Omega and how the pack law is created.

All three stories updates are pretty long, around the same length as my regular updates, but this should be a good time to really update my stories. With work and my busy schedule, I should at least see one update Friday since I am off, but the updates are coming. Just need to put in the finishing touches to the stories. Here is a little info so you know what to expect.

A Lonely Omega - Humphrey discovers that a few wolves from his pack had survived, including one of his close friends.

Apocalypse Part One - Jewel is reunited with Blu and Twilight Sparkle gets pissed off at Norman, Blu's Brother. 

Jasper Park - Humphrey makes a brief appearance in the beginning, as he starts the story, talking about his family and ancestors (Including the main character who is the first wolf in his bloodline)

After the new chapter of Apocalypse, I will start changing things up and introduce some scary looking zombies, including a zombie that can fly (He is a bird that got bit and died). These flying zombies will be very dangerous for the main characters and some beloved faces will be killed off in the next chapter.


Slash by jhilton0907
Here's my second OC for My Little Pony. Here is a little info on him.

Name - Slash/ PuppetMaster
Gender - Male
Color - Dark Grey to Black
Background - Slash was once a normal pony until he met Princess Celestia. He became obsessed with her which soon led to him stalking her. As time went on, Slash's personality changed, turning him into a creepy pony. One day as he was spying on Celestia sleeping, he was then jumped by a group of ponies that vowed to protect Celestia. They severely damaged him and left him for dead. The next day, Slash wakes up and drags himself into the shadows, vowing to return for revenge. For a year, Slash has been rebuilding his broken body, renaming himself into Puppet Master. He then became a master in magic and used it to exact his revenge on the ponies that attacked him. Now, with his new abilities, Slash begins to stalk Celestia again and plot for a way to get her.
Abilities - A Master of magic, mostly in hypnosis. He also can turn other ponies into his little puppets, which he uses for his evil ways. Since he lost most of his wings, he replaced them with wood, attaching red strings to them. This is how he turns other ponies into puppets. Once they stare into his eyes, his horn glows a strong magic, enslaving any pony that stares into his eyes. Once they had been enslaved, the strings then attach themselves to the pony, making them a puppet for Slash. He also specializes in mind control, but views it as a weak alternative to his abilities.
Obsessed - Completely Obsessed with Celestia, but will stalk anyone he sees as a worthy slave.
Weakness - It is known that he lost most of his heart in the attack. He basically made a diamond that keeps his heart alive, much like with Iron Man. The red diamond on his chest is his most weakest area.
Enemies - Anyone that opposes him.

'Celestia is beautiful, but imagine her under my power... she will look even more beautiful' - Slash
Spike and Kaa by jhilton0907
Spike and Kaa
Kaa is back and he has Spike under his spell. After he witnesses Kaa hypnotize his crush Rarity... Spike went after Kaa and ended up as his next meal. Who will rescue Spike or will he end up as Kaa's meal.

I used the same background I used for my first Kate and Kaa image and my Twilight and Kaa image.……

This makes it more like Kaa's hypnosis, so I hope you enjoy this :)
Fluttershy - Not Again by jhilton0907
Fluttershy - Not Again
Red Ponies vs Blue Ponies are back and this time, we're back on the Blue Ponies, with Fluttershy. Just like Twilight, Fluttershy is not amused by Derpy's crazy antics.

Fluttershy bothered sprite - Oh no... not again...
Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon - What is it this time, Fluttershy...
Fluttershy bothered sprite - Derpy... why does she have to come along... she just screw this mission up for us again
Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon - I know... but Blue Command is ordering us to take her and we can't say no... do you want me to lose my rank here?
Fluttershy bothered sprite - No... I love having my best friend here and you are such a great leader
Emotipony Shifty(Left) - I can do better... Plus, I can get all the guys I want!
twilight sparkle (blink eye) plz - What did you say! Shut your mouth Trixie!
twilight sparkle (knocking on the door) plz - Ugh! I need to contact HQ... (Gets on Radio) HQ, H... this is Ponyville Outpost #1, come in HQ, Come in... this is Twilight Sparkle!
Princess Celestia Icon Profile - Hey there Twilight, how are we doing today?
twilight sparkle (blink eye) plz - Celestia... how are you still here, I thought that Red Pony Blueblood killed you...
Princess Celestia Icon Profile - Are you kidding me! That Blueblood couldn't kill me if he had the chance... I just tossed a piece of steak at him and he devoured it like Jaws...
Fluttershy Blink Icon - (Overhears the conversation on her radio) Wow... that's a stupid way to escape... if it were me, I would try to mesmerize them with my eyes, then once their guard is down, shoot them like the dirty Red Ponies they are!
Princess Celestia Icon Profile - Wow... that is very vicious of you
Fluttershy bothered sprite - Excuse me... they are Red Ponies... they would do it to us and how many times did they shoot us, a lot...
Princess Celestia Icon Profile - Well... uh... never really thought of it like that. Good work... get those Red Ponies...
Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon - Look, there is a reason I contacted you... Tell Fluttershy why Derpy has to come with us...
Princess Celestia Icon Profile - Um... I got to go... talk to you later... (Hangs up on Twilight)
Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon - Hey! Don't you hang up on me... Celestia... She hanged up on me!
Derpy - Maybe she is getting a cheeseburger!
Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon - Um... why would she do that? I swear Derpy, your answers are totally crazy...
Derpy - Well I hang up when I get a cheeseburger, then when I'm done, I get three tons of pie! And then...
Fluttershy bothered sprite - Would you please stop it! You're driving me insane!
Derpy - Come here... let me kick you... I do that when I'm insane
Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon - Ugh... what did I get myself into! Fluttershy... come on, let's leave the crazy mobile before it explodes!
Derpy - Yay! I'm in the crazy mobile!
Fluttershy bothered sprite - Don't have to tell me twice... I need to speak to a more sane pony
Princess Cadance Enslaved by jhilton0907
Princess Cadance Enslaved
The Master has returned after being silent for a while. Now he has his eyes on the lovely Princess Cadance. He kidnaps her and hypnotizes her, making her his slave... but he doesn't stop there, her once golden crown has turned into a black crown, fit for The Master.

As you can see, she is bitten and bleeding a bit but not much and she is wearing a black cloak.

For those who are waiting for the return of Vampire in Ponyville, it will return... I am currently planning the next chapter right now :)

So, what will Shining Armor do now since The Master has his beautiful wife. Will he join forces with Spike or fall victim to The Master.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

Chapter Three - Different Paths and Reunions

Ok, here is the third chapter to Apocalypse Part One. This story is slowly coming back to life but I had to focus on my more popular stories, but after a long wait, you can be happy with the reunion of Blu and Jewel. In the last section will have some news about the story. Also this story will introduce a new crossover and to some very important characters. Legend of the Guardians is the new crossover, along with the arrival of Kludd and Soren as the two new main characters. Soren and Kludd will be the Daryl and Meryl versions for this story. Be prepared for some deaths, as the beginning shows the vicious Alpha Hunters, the villains that will terrorize the main characters later on in the story.

Nigel's POV

Damn, why is my life going to hell.

First, that Blu bird caused my misery by pushing me out of the plane with a fire extinguisher, making me lose my ability to fly.

Then I get stuck with an annoying poison dart frog named Gabi who wouldn't shut up.

All she does is praise me for my little stuff and my mistakes, which annoys me.

Then I found that Blu and was this close to getting my revenge when everything went black.

I remember the noises I heard when I was out.

Screams, gunfire, explosions, and the breaking of glass.

The next thing I remember was waking up in a dark room, with chains around my feet.

There was a few birds around me, two of them were Blue Macaws and the other one was a Scarlet Macaw.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh..." The Scarlet Macaw said, "They found us... they found us... the Alpha Hunters found us..."

I was about to speak when I heard a loud piercing scream, one that sounded like Gabi screaming.

Then ahead of us, some light appeared and a wolf stood in front of us, a gas mask on his face.

"Get the fuck back now!" The wolf shouted, throwing a weird rock in the room.

It exploded, filling the room with smoke.

I soon felt myself being dragged by whoever was in the smoke, only to see more wolves with gas masks on their face.

They threw me next to a small frog, that appeared to be dead.

I looked at it and saw it was Gabi, her head was smashed and she was laying in her own pool of blood.

Up on the tree was none other than Charlie, hanging by his own tongue, but what frightened me the most was his stomach.

Charlie's stomach was cut out and all of his insides were on the ground below him.

Then someone stood above and I looked, only to be kicked in the face by them.

The next thing I heard was the sound of a saw in the distance.

I opened my eyes and saw some wolves using a saw on a dead wolf.

It looked like they were skinning the wolf as the ground was covered in blood and the walls were covered in fur.

My mouth was taped shut and my wings were tied up, as I was placed over a bucket that had a small pool of blood.

I looked around and saw many body parts hanging, including human faces that were cut off and bird wings.

On the ground ahead of me, was a metal mask, one that looked like a bird mask (This is Metalbeak's mask from Legend of the Guardians)

I heard more screaming and in the room ahead of me, was a large black owl being beheaded by one of the wolves, his head falling into a bucket like the one my head is hanging over.

'What is this place!' I thought to myself, as more birds were being dragged in, all tied up like me.

The walls were all covered in blood and there was two words on there, written in blood.

It said, 'Alpha Hunters.'

That was what that Scarlett Macaw was muttering about.

But what are Alpha Hunters, are they a special type of wolves or are they dangerous.

It took five minutes before a brown colored wolf came in.

"Now, I see we have a full house here, that's good," The brown wolf said, "Before I begin, I should introduce myself, my name is Slash and I'm the leader of the Alpha Hunters... welcome to our sanctuary."

I did not trust this wolf because of how we are now, I looked around and saw 9 birds tied up and hanging over a bucket like me.

Slash spoke again, gaining my attention, "Now, let's begin over here... Felix, let's get started... shall we?"

Another wolf with dark brown fur walked up to Slash with a metal bat on his back and a long knife next to it.

He approached one of the birds and took out the knife, as he used his claws to sharpen it.

My heartbeat increased as I began to wonder why he had the knife but I knew what was going to happen.

After sharpening the knife, Felix chopped off the bird's head with one slice, as blood came gushing into the bucket.

He did that to five other birds before walking up to me.

Slash was next to him and he looked into my eyes and grinned.

"Now, before we begin birdy... I want you to know this... none of this is personal," Slash said, "None of us wanted to hurt you... we don't have a choice, besides, we need to eat and your kind is so much tastier..."

He pulled something but I didn't have enough time to see what it was.

Slash chopped my head and then took my body and tore it to pieces.

The last image I saw before my death was Slash grinning.

(This makes death #5 so far and more are coming and they will be emotional. First Felipe, now Gabi, then Charlie, then Nigel witnesses Metalbeak getting decapitated, and then Nigel... This is only the beginning of the deaths because they are going to get bigger and will have a more emotional impact on the main characters in the story)

Soren's POV

This whole world went into hell.

All I remember was being with my brother, Kludd, when all this happened.

Then we witnessed many birds turn into zombies and that's when the killing began.

What made me worried was there was no sign of Gylfie, she was with me when we got to St. Aegolious.

But that changed when some of the Pure Ones turned into zombies and began attacking us, sending everyone to Nyra.

Nyra, who knew about zombies protected us but she didn't even stop them from attacking us.

I got Kludd and left St. Aegolious, but I forgot about Gylfie.

She was so sweet and kind how could I just leave her behind.

My only hope is that she is alive and well.

"Brother... are you sure this is the way?" Kludd asked, looking at me.

"I'm sure... beside, if anyone could defeat the zombies, the Guardians can... besides, they have to be there..." I said, as I looked and saw smoke in the distance.

We got closer and saw the remains of Ga'Hoole, the home of the Guardians.

"What the... what the hell happened here!" I said, looking at the destruction.

On the ground was dead bodies, some of them looked like Guardians.

"They're real... I can't believe they're real..." Kludd said, looking around.

I rolled my eyes, "Of course they're real, brother... just because we never seen them, doesn't mean they're not real..."

Kludd took a step forward when someone shot at Kludd, scaring all of us.

I looked and saw a big grey owl in the distance, him holding a gun in his wings, aiming at us.

"Get the fuck back before I shot you again!" The owl said, "Who are you! Did you get bit!"

"No! We didn't get bit!" I shouted, "My name is Soren and this is my brother Kludd... we was here looking for the Guardians!"

The owl looked at us for a second before running up to us, his gun still on us.

"I'm a Guardian but you're too late, the Guardians left for a safe zone," The owl said, lowering his gun, "Sorry about this... didn't want any of you to be zombies."

"It's ok, we saw them attack the Pure Ones, some of them died protecting us and we all left," Kludd said.

The owl looked at both of us and smiled, "Glad to see you made it out ok... by the way, my name is Allomere."

"Nice to meet you Allomere..." I said.

"I bet you both are hungry... come with me, I'll get you something and you can get some shut eye," Allomere said, taking off into the air.

Me and Kludd looked at each other before following his lead.

"Are you sure we can trust this guy..." Kludd asked, looking at me.

"Brother... we have to trust him... it's the only way to survive," I said, as we got to the entrance of what looked like the main area of Ga'Hoole.

"I know, but if he tries anything, I'll fucking kill him," Kludd said, landing next to me.

"Kludd, please... we'll be fine.. besides, we're in this together... as brother," I said, placing a wing on his back.

Kludd smile as he did the same to me, "You damn right about that brother... we are in this together. Just don't fuck anything up for us."

I slapped him in the back of his head, making him laugh a bit.

This made me smile because Kludd was hateful of me but since this hell started, he wanted to stay by my side till we all find a safe place.

Before Kludd stepped forward, I grabbed him and gave him a hug, which shocked him.

"Brother... what the fuck are you doing..." Kludd said.

"Hugging my brother... just letting him I love him," I said.

That touched him as he hugged me back, "No one has ever said that to me."

I pulled away and looked at him, "Me and Eglantine said it to you before and I know mom and dad loved you, too."

Kludd started to tear up, "Do you think they're alive?"

I sadly looked to the ground, a tear falling down my face, "I don't know... I hope they are and I hope my friend, Gylfie is alive, too... even Nyra."

If they were alive, we would all stick together and try to find the Guardians, if they are still alive.

We both walked in and saw Allomere and a female spotted owl.

She looked at us and spoke in a soft voice, "Allomere, who are they?"

"Otulissa... these are Soren and Kludd, they just got here looking for the Guardians," Allomere said, then turning to us, "Boys, this is Otulissa... she will be going with you when you go."

"Oh really, well, we'll love to have her with us," I said, as Kludd smiled.

"Wait, how come it's just her, are you coming?" Kludd asked, confused.

Allomere laughed as he got closer, "Don't worry about me... my responsibility is here... besides, if any Pure Ones made it out alive, they will most likely come here."

"Besides... I'm a dead owl if I go out there, but you three still have a chance," Allomere said, "Please... you must find the Guardians and help protect our future."

I looked at him before looking at Kludd.

"We will... I promise," I said, looking at him.

Allomere smiled before handing me his gun, "You will need this more than I do."

I grabbed the gun and smiled at him, "Ok... but will we see you again when we leave?"

"Only time will tell... if no one comes, then yes, I will find you three again..." Allomere said.

He left into another room, leaving us alone as we decide what to do in the morning.

I sat next to Kludd, thinking about everyone again, hoping to see them again.

Then Kludd started crying and I pulled him into a hug, wanting to comfort my brother when Otulissa spoke, "Boys, we need to get some shut eye if we're going to start our journey in the morning."

She walked to a shaded spot and closed her eyes.

I looked to Kludd and saw him asleep, tear stains under his eyes as I soon followed, going into dreamland with a smile on my face.

It may just be me and Kludd but I'm glad Kludd is here... I love him dearly and would defend him like I would for Gylfie and my family.

Back to the house - Humphrey's POV

Kate laid beside me as I held her tightly in my arms, feeling the slight puffs of her breathing.

We slept outside underneath the stars, which Kate thought was a good idea and a romantic idea.

I looked up at the stars and saw them twinkling in the distance, imagining the beauty they showed and wonder if they were as beautiful as Kate or my beautiful pups.

Claudette, Stinky, and Runt laid asleep a few inches from us, but the more I look at them, the more I saw that Kate's beauty is in all of them.

Suddenly, a memory of Jasper Park came to me, like I was hit by a car.


"Humphrey, run! Take Kate and your pups, we'll find you when things are back to normal now go!" Eve shouted as three humans came in with guns and started shooting at some of the dead wolves that came up to attack.

In the distance, I saw Winston wrestling with the zombified version of Tony.

That was when our nightmare began.

Tony was bitten by one of the dead wolves that rose up, but he soon died and came back as a lifeless monster.

I soon saw blood spill between Winston and Tony but I couldn't see if Winston got bit or if the zombie Tony got killed.

Then Garth tackled Tony to the ground and with a human weapon in his paw, he stabbed his father in the head, tears falling down his face.

"You made me do this dad! I'm sorry for doing this but you gave me no choice!" Garth shouted as he kept stabbing Tony in the head.

Blood splatter all over Garth as he kept stabbing the now dead corpse of his dad, tears coming out of his eyes like a waterfall.

Then Eve shouted at me to go with Kate and the pups, so I went looking for Kate and found her and our angels hiding in our den.

Kate looked at me with a frightened look, "What the hell is going on out there!"

"Your mother told us to leave as fast as we can, she said that once things have calmed down, her and your father will find us, now let's go, I'm not losing any more of my family," I said, as they all got up and followed me as I led them to the train tacks, not looking back.

We all heard the screams of our fellow pack members and the echoes of gunfire.

The train came just in time for us to see the humans blow up Howling Peak, killing all the wolves that were near it.

The horror of seeing our home in flames brought tears to my eyes, as I remembered.

But it was just our home, it was everywhere.

Me, Kate, and the pups decided to shut our eyes for bit and see where we are.

That was when we woke up in the middle of a jungle, being dragged by a group of humans.

It didn't take long before I realized that we taken to the Amazon.

Whatever these humans are, they were not good news.

Being a protective mate, I attacked the humans and got both Kate and my pups to safety.

Being an Omega, I wasn't able to keep Kate protected, but deep down, when ever Kate was in danger, my true self would come out and protect her, like I had an Alpha deep inside me.

It wasn't long till I came across my best friend, Blu, who I met when I was a pup.

He came up to Jasper with his human, Linda and spent a week there, where me and Blu became best friends.

How I recognized after seeing him only for that week was a mystery, but his face was something that didn't change much for me.

He was still the great friend I knew and best of all, he had a daughter with him.

It was revealed that he had a son and another daughter, but he doesn't know if they were alive or dead, same with his mate, Jewel.

But out of all the bad, he was reunited with his dad and childhood best friend, Max.

Over a month's time, we formed our own group and survived this disaster, avoiding the dangerous and vicious zombies that now populate the world

End of Flashback

Now with everything has passed, we made ourselves a decent life.

But the best thing that came out of this, was that Kate and my pups were all safe.

I just wish the others made it alive... if they are alive, we will find them, but for now, we must continue making a safe zone for anyone who is trying to survive.

Jewel's POV

We were slowly approaching this group, hoping that they knew the location of this safe zone and maybe, Blu was there.

Suddenly, a loud clicking noise went off, and I turned to see a blue macaw grinning and aiming a gun at us.

"Well well well... look at this, we got a whole fuckload of birds, especially a beautiful sexy bird here," He said, grinning and seductively looking at me.

"Please don't hurt us! We were just passing through!" I said, scared.

The bird laughed as he approached me, but just before he spoke, a female voice spoke up in an angry tone.

"Norma, what the hell are you doing here!" the voice said.

We turned to see the same ponies we were following, but they had an angry look and were glaring at the bird who we now know as Norman.

"Oh come on Twiliy! Don't fuck with my business! I don't fuck with yours!" Norman shouted.

"Oh yeah, then why are you here, aren't you suppose to be at the camp with the others!" The light blue pony shouted.

"Dash! Calm down! Don't go to his level," Twilight said, then turned to Norman, "Answer her question before I wound you."

"Oh, you're threatening me, that's so unlike you, but I guess all purple ponies are bitches!" Norman said, grinning.

"Forget it, I'm not going to fight here Norman!" Twilight said, frustrated, then turned to us, "As for you? Who are you and what are you doing here?"

I walked up to her with a nervous look, "Um miss... my name is Jewel, and this is family, or what is left of them... we was wondering if you knew anything about this safe zone that we saw sings for."

Twilight smiled, "Great, more survivors! Well, my name is Twilight Sparkle and I am from that safe zone... so would you like to join us, we have plenty of room."

I smiled, "Great, but I do got one question, are there any blue macaws there?"

"We do have a few with us, one of them is the leader... his name is Santiago, and his son, who happens to be my best friend, is name Blu..."

That made me perk up, "Wait, Blu..."

"Um yeah, his name is Blu, and you are?" Twilight said, confused.

"Did he said he has a mate?" I asked, wanting to know more.

"He does, but she hasn't been seen since this whole nightmare started, he said her name was Jewel..." Twilight said, looking at me, suspiciously.

That was the clue I needed, he was alive.

It had to be him, how many female birds are named Jewel...

"My name is Jewel and this Blu has to be the Blu I was mates..." Twilight cut me off, "Wait, you're Jewel... you mean, her!"

Twilight took out a picture of me and Blu, which made me jump in joy.

"That's him!" I shouted, happy that Blu was alive.

"Wait the fucking minute here! Are you saying you're Blu's mate!" Norman said.

"Yeah, it's her so if I were you, I better back off now before Blu kicks your ass!" Dash said, smirking.

"Fuck you!" Norman shouted, glaring at Dash.

"Excuse him, he loves to cuss! But before I forget, this is Blu's idiotic brother, Norman..."

I turned to Norman, "You're Blu brother?"

"Fuck yeah! Just wish Blu wasn't a fucking pussycat!" Norman said, winking at me.

"Don't mind him, he is just a coward!" Twilight said, then turned to Dash, "Forget the mission, we got a reunion to take care of..."

"Sounds perfect," Dash said, smiling, then turned to us, "By the way, my name is Rainbow Dash and I got a feeling we will be the best of friends."

"Thank you so much," I said, wiping the tears from my eyes, "I forget to introduce everyone."

I pointed to my dad, "This is my father, Eduardo."

"Nice to meet you," Eduardo said.

Then I pointed to Mimi, "This is my Aunt Mimi, and here is my two beautiful angel, Tiago and Carla."

"That's so good to hear, I can't wait to see Blu's face when he sees you and the rest of his beautiful kids," Twilight said.

"Is my other daughter Bia there," I asked, hoping for a yes.

"Yes, she is the most cutest girl I have seen, she loves her dad so much and I take a good pleasure of taking care of her, but with you, she can actually have her family back."

I smiled again, but it was bigger than any smile I had, this was the best news I heard in so long.

Then Twilight noticed Alex in the back, staying quiet.

"What's your name?" Twilight asked, as Alex slowly walked up, with a sad face.

"Don't mind me, mam... my name is Alex and I was just passing through with them..." Alex said, lowering his head.

"Ok, but don't you want to join us, we got plenty of room," Dash said, looking at him.

"I do, but I don't know if I will stay, I'm tired of losing everyone..." Alex said, softly.

"I know the fucking feeling..." Norman said, then noticed Felipe's disappearance, "Where the fuck is that fuckface?"

"Felipe is dead, he got bitten by a zombie so we had to kill him," Twilight said sadly.

"Good riddance... he was useless anyway, he fucking deserve to die!" Norman said, but Twilight ran up to him and punched him.

Norman fell to the ground as Twilight kept trying to hit him, but she was stopped by Dash and Celestia who ran in, after hearing the commotion.

"I'll fucking kill you! How dare you say that about Felipe!" Twilight said, trying to break away from Dash and Celestia.

"You know me! I don't fucking like anyone! I especially don't like you, miss fucking Sparkle!" Norman said, causing Twilight to go after him again, but Celestia held her down.

"He's not worth it! Control your anger, Twilight! Please!" Celestia said, trying to calm Twilight down.

"Fine!" Twilight said, shoving Celestia off of her, then she started to tear up, "But don't you dare say another thing to me!"

She then walked past Dash who just glared at Norman.

"Damn Norman, you really pissed her off,

"Well, I fucking hate her guts! Why don't you ditch her so you and me can have some alone time... I always wanted to fuck a pretty rainbow pony...," Norman said, giving Dash a perverted face.

"Screw you! That will never happen! Not even in your dreams!" Dash said, walking next to Twilight, who was laying on the ground.

"Everyone, just the shut the hell up!" Twilight said, getting up and facing Norman, "As for you, if you open that filthy mouth, I will have Dashie here rip it off and shoving it down your throat. Now we are leaving for the camp now before it gets too dark... besides, I want to see Blu's face when he sees Jewel."

"Thank you, I was worried that I was never going to see Blu," I said.

After she said that, Norman didn't say another word, but he was mostly distracted by Alex, who just went up to him and started talking.

I could tell that he was bitch, especially for saying that mean thing about Felipe, who I still remember from that horrible pit of doom match.

He was cocky, even to my dad... but there was a kind side to him, a side that mostly the Scarlet Macaws saw.

We then got started when Twilight warned us to stay near, because there was rumors of new zombies appearing and that they could bite anyone who is high in the sky.

Back to the Group - No One's POV

"Where the fuck is Norman!" Max shouted, looking everywhere for Norman.

"I think he left... he said that he was bored as hell," Blu said, as he walked over to Bia, who was looking at one of the pictures I had gotten before leaving Linda and Tulio's camp alone.

They had a lot of pictures of us and I wanted to get Twilight a picture of Jewel so she can know what she looks like.

"Dad, do you think we will see them again," Bia asked, sadly.

"I hope so, sweetheart... I do miss see your mother... but don't worry, I'm sure they are ok," Blu said, kissing Bia on the forehead.

Bia smiled as she cuddled into Blu's wing, happy to have her dad there.

Then Max walked next to them and sat down next to Blu.

"I swear... when he shows up, I'm going to kick his ass..." Max said, hitting the wall, "Why can't he follow our damn rules! You know... one of these days, he's going to kill someone and we will be in grave danger!"

"I know... but he is still my brother and I love him dearly. If he doesn't stop these angry rants, he will lure those zombies here and I suggest you do the same, Max..." Blu said, laying his head on top of Bia's, closing his eyes.

"Blu, I would never do anything to jeopardize us... Norman will since he is an asshole, but I won't..." Max said, "I love everyone here... this is the closest thing to a family I have now."

Before Blu replied back, Humphrey ran into the room and looked at them, "Guys... looks like Twilight is back and she has some new faces."

Blu opened his eyes and lifted his head, "Wait, more survivors?"

"Yeah, and there is a few new blue macaws with them," Humphrey said, "Plus... the bitch is back."

Max got up and grinned, "Finally... I'm going to kick his fucking ass!"

He then stormed out of the room, followed by Humphrey.

But Blu gently laid Bia on the ground before following them.

By the time Blu made it outside, he saw Max beating the crap out of Norman, who was just cussing at him.

Then his eyes fell on a certain bird in the crowd, one that made his heart melt...

His one and only, Jewel.

Jewel's eyes began to water as she ran for his embrace.

"Blu!" Jewel shouted, wrapping her wings around him almost knocking them both to the ground.

"Jewel?" Blu said, not believing his eyes.

"It's me! It's me! Oh my... my handsome mate is back..." Jewel said, crying tears of joy, "I missed you so much... please don't leave, please don't ever leave me!"

Blu smiled widely as he felt the soft touch of his mate, causing him to tighten his hold on her.

The moment soon ended when two cute voices called out to him.

That only made him chuckle as he saw Carla and Tiago jumping on him, hugging him fiercely.

"I missed you dad!" Tiago said, excitedly, shedding a few tears, but sweet Carla was too happy to say anything as she just held onto him.

But none of them was more happier than Jewel, as she instantly became glued to Blu.

Eduardo smiled as he slowly approached Blu and his happy family.

"Stu... oh... um, I mean Blu... it's so good to... see you again," Eduardo said, trying to find the right words to say.

Blu didn't say anything as he released Jewel from his hug and got up, walking towards Eduardo.

A huge smiled plastered on his face.

The next thing caught Eduardo off guard, Blu pulled him into a hug.

Eduardo was feeling mixed emotions, he was happy to see Blu, but was more worried about his pet side.

"Welcome home sir..." Blu said, as Roberto walked up to them and smiled.

Everyone was happy, except Norman.

Jewel quickly ran to Blu, clinging to him again, but this time, Blu held her closely, smiling.

When Max saw this, he just glared at Jewel before walking into the house, almost in a fit of rage.

Only Jewel saw this and now she was freaked out by Max already.

But she soon smiled as Blu grabbed her face and kissed her gently, feeling her body go limp and dreamy face plastered on hers.

"Come on... I bet you're hungry," Blu said, looking into Jewel's beautiful eyes.

"Ok... as long as I'm with you," Jewel said, laying her head on Blu's shoulder.

But she just closed her eyes and fell asleep, making Blu laugh.

He place his head against hers and whispered softly, "Always my angel..."

Blu gently picked Jewel up and carried her into the house, as he heard everyone talk inside and the screams of joy coming from his kids after being away from each other.

It was a happy night for every, but the next day will begin the ultimate test for them and there will be challenges.

A darker path is coming...

A/N/: How was it? Tell it in a review... Now for the news. One, Twilight Sparkle will not survive till the end of Part 5. The final part will be Part 6 and focus on Rainbow Dash trying to move on and start a new life, after losing all her friends and loved ones. Now what is with Max, and why did he glare at Jewel? And Norman sure did piss everyone off, is this a hint that he may not live long in the story. Now, for the voting:

A) Jewel and Max get into a fight but Max insults Eduardo and calls him a failure.

B) Norman flirts with Rainbow Dash, angering her.

C) Blu shows more love to Jewel, treating her like a princess

D) Alex trying to adjust to his new life and forms a friendship with Norman

E) The group sends a hunting party and loses someone in the group to a new breed of zombies

There you go, if I get enough votes, I'll combine them all.

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