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I am a writer on FanFiction by the same name, jhilton0907. I have written many stories for Alpha and Omega, Rio, and My Little Pony and have done images for Alpha and Omega, Rio, My Little Pony, Bambi, Balto, Zelda, Metroid, How To Train Your Dragon, and Lion King. I plan to make stories for Star Fox, Bambi, Balto, Legend of the Guardians, and Lion King. 2015 is going to be a bigger year for me as I will release many new stories as well as new images. Feel free to comment or fave any of my work. All is welcome here and you're all free to use my images, all I ask is a little heads ups before using it
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Ok, here is the final update on Lonely Omega. I already started writing it and now it's almost done. So what can you expect from this update. Well, while writing the emotional chapter, I found myself shedding a few tears just writing it. It is a beautiful farewell to a few favorite characters, as they all get one last time to speak in the story. Here is a few details of the chapter.
  • Humphrey breaks downs and has an emotional moment with his mother.
  • Kate has the same experience as Humphrey, but with Eve and Lilly.
  • There is a cute moment with Humphrey playing with his mother, much like the scene in Field of Dreams when Kevin Costner plays catch with his dad.
This chapter is going to be the best of the entire story. There will also be a lot of moments with Humphrey and Kate showing their love for each other. In the end of the chapter, I will add Stinky, Runt, and Claudette, who will most likely be the focus on the possible sequel.

As a writer, this chapter is really good so far and I should have it up in a few days or so. I want to make sure it is perfect before releasing it. So, before I go, I want all of you to answer this question. After reading all the chapters to A Lonely Omega, who do you think suffered the most in the story, Humphrey or Kate?


Ok, here is the final update on Lonely Omega. I already started writing it and now it's almost done. So what can you expect from this update. Well, while writing the emotional chapter, I found myself shedding a few tears just writing it. It is a beautiful farewell to a few favorite characters, as they all get one last time to speak in the story. Here is a few details of the chapter.
  • Humphrey breaks downs and has an emotional moment with his mother.
  • Kate has the same experience as Humphrey, but with Eve and Lilly.
  • There is a cute moment with Humphrey playing with his mother, much like the scene in Field of Dreams when Kevin Costner plays catch with his dad.
This chapter is going to be the best of the entire story. There will also be a lot of moments with Humphrey and Kate showing their love for each other. In the end of the chapter, I will add Stinky, Runt, and Claudette, who will most likely be the focus on the possible sequel.

As a writer, this chapter is really good so far and I should have it up in a few days or so. I want to make sure it is perfect before releasing it. So, before I go, I want all of you to answer this question. After reading all the chapters to A Lonely Omega, who do you think suffered the most in the story, Humphrey or Kate?

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Chapter Eight - It All Ends 
Wow, the story is almost to 100 reviews, making this my best story. Now the reviews are in and many of you want Sam to have the most painful death ever. But be warned, three major characters are going in this chapter. If you looked at the quotes I ended the story with, one of them is inspired by Star Fox, which is a hint I included to my future stories for Star Fox. Also, a Halloween Alpha and Omega story is in the works. Sam may or may not be in that story, but he will in a future Alpha and Omega story I'm making based on Mad Max: Fury Road. Sam will once again be the villain of the story, having Humphrey and a bunch of Omegas as slaves. It is unclear what the story is called, but it will be a future story. Once this story is complete, Kate vs Lilly will return with new chapters, while Humphrey Disappears will come right after Alpha and Omega 2. Jasper Park will be done when I can get it done, this will be a very important story of my Alpha and Omega origin seriesSo prepare yourself for the defining moment of the story as well as the Alpha and Omega series

Humphrey's POV 

We were trying to reach that fucker, when we came to a very familiar place, my old den. 
Sam's scent led to the only path that led to both my den and another den. 
The only way out is through us, so we had him trapped. 
"I'll go look and see if he is up there?" Garth said. 
"Honey, please be careful..." Lilly said, looking at him. 
Garth smiled and gave Lilly a loving lick across the cheek, then stared deep into her violet eyes, "Don't worry Angel, I will..." 
He ran off, while I looked at Kate and Eve before turning to Garth. 
"Garth, check the top den, me, Kate and Eve will check the lower one," I said, wanting to see my old den again. 
Garth looked at me and nodded before heading up to the upper den. 
"You think he is there?" Eve asked, walking up to me. 
"I don't know, but I have to find out, Lilly, Hutch, if anyone comes out other us or Garth, kill them!" I shouted, before going up the ramp and walking into my old den. 
"Humphrey, are you sure it was a good idea sending Garth to the top den by himself?" Eve asked, looking at me. 
"I'm sure, plus you said he was a great Alpha and I really needed someone like him up there, besides, Sam won't get far without running into us," I said, taking another step towards the den. 
Once I took a step in, I was met with cobwebs and a lot of dust. 
I started to tear up upon seeing my old home in such a bad condition. 
Then one spot made shed a few tears, the place where I slept, which had an imprint of my body when I was a pup. 
There was a lot of dust, but I wiped off the dust, revealing my own paw prints in the ground. 
Kate walked up to me and saw the paw prints, a smile forming on her face. 
"Are these yours?" Kate asked, still smiling. 
I smiled as I placed my paws on top of them, covering both of them, "Yes my love... these are mine." 
"They're so adorable," Kate said with a sigh. 
"They are Kate, I remember when I did these... it was after playing with my dad and we all decided to get some sleep, so I went here and saw the ground was muddy," I said, tears coming down my face as I recounted how these prints came to be, "I just took both of my paws and pressed them into the mud here, I guess over time, the mud hardened, still having my paw prints in them, and I guess that's why they're still here." 
I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked at Kate, who was still looking at my paw prints, a huge smile on her face. 
"Hey sweetheart?" I said, calling out to her. 
Kate looked at me, her eyes glued with mine. 
I sighed softly when I saw my reflection in her own eyes, a loving smile forming on my face. 
"Yes?" She said, softly. 
"I love you Kate, with all my heart," I said, "No matter what happens today, I will always love you." 
"I know," Kate said, blushing a bit, "I love you with all my heart and I will always love you, my handsome Omega." 
We was about to kiss when we were interrupted by Eve, who ran outside, screaming like an pissed off wolf. 
"WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU! WHERE IS THAT ASSHOLE!" Eve shouted, looking everywhere. 
"Hey!" I shouted, making her look at me, "Calm down!" 
"WHAT!" Eve shouted, still looking everywhere. 
"I said calm down... we don't want to blow our cover!" I said, glaring at Eve. 
Eve was about to speak when someone started laughing evilly. 
Lilly and Hutch ran up to us with worried faces. 
We looked towards the upper den and saw Sam laughing, dragging someone behind him. 
It was Garth and he looked pretty bad, like Sam beat him badly. 
"You fucking fools! You walked right into my motherfucking trap!" Sam shouted, making all of us gasp. 
Then Sam pushed Garth in front of him and pressed his claws into his neck. 
"Now, he dies first! Then I will kill you Humphrey! Then Kate dies!" Sam said, grinning, "Once I'm done with your pathetic pack, I will have wiped out all of the Omegas and then turn all the Alphas into bloodthirsty killers!" 
"No! Leave him alone!" I shouted. 
Sam just laughed as Garth looked at us with a scare face. 
"Garth!" Lilly shouted, worried for her mate. 
"Lilly! Run!" Garth shouted, but Sam jammed his claws into Garth's head, ripping his entire head off. 
Lilly fell to the ground, crying like crazy, while the rest of us were shocked at what we saw. 
Sam held Garth's head in his paw before kicking his body to the ground. 
I was now angry as ever, wanting to rip his heart out. 
"Poor little Alpha... didn't stand a chance..." Sam said, before opening Garth's mouth and bit off his tongue. 
Sam had blood all over his mouth, Garth's tongue in his mouth. 
He then spit it out and laughed evilly. 
"I always wanted to do that..." Sam said, laughing again, "It was nice taking his tongue out, he didn't need it." 
I began snarling at him as he continued to laugh. 
"Here ends your fucking kind!" Sam said, throwing the head at us. 
It landed in front of Lilly, his eyes still open. 
Lilly just stared into Garth's dead eyes, wishing for him to speak, but nothing happened. 
Just like that, Lilly looked up at Sam and gave us the most scariest angry look we ever seen. 
"I'll fucking kill you, you bastard!" Lilly shouted, sprinting after Sam. 
"Lilly!" I shouted, "Stop!" 
It was too late, another wolf knocked Lilly off the ramp, making Kate shout out to her. 
I told her to find her and have Hutch keep an eye out for reinforcements. 
Kate ran off, trying to see if Lilly was dead or not, while Eve was just too shocked to move. 
Suddenly, a loud roar came at me, as I was suddenly knocked off the ground and down a bumpy hill. 
I came to my sense when I saw Sam on top of me, trying to rip open my throat. 
"Time to die!" Sam shouted, snapping his teeth at me. 
Using my head, I quickly knocked Sam off me and charged at him, my claws unsheathed. 
Sam got to his paws and began slashing at me with his claws. 
We began fighting violently, slashing each other and cutting our arms up with our claws. 
I kept dodging his attacks, attacking him with every chance I got. 
Each slash I gave Sam, his arm began to bleed, but it just made Sam more angrier, as he kept trying to push me to the ground. 
Then I felt a sharp pain in my side, knowing Sam stabbed me. 
"How does it feel, Omega!" Sam said, grinning. 
"It feels like this," I said, slashing Sam across the face, pushing him into one of the trees. 
His claws got stuck to it, and he was struggling to get them out. 
"Got you now bitch!" I shouted, smiling. 
"Oh really," Sam said, "Can you dodge this!" 
Sam then began putting pressure on the tree and before I know, it came falling on top of me. 
Luckily I was able to dodge it, but I was soon greeted by Sam's wolves who all began attack me. 
Their teeth were breaking my skin and their claws digging into my back. 
I took my teeth and ripped open a few of their throats. 
Suddenly, Sam ran up to me and kicked me down further. 
I came tumbling down the steep hills that surround the main dens until I came to a complete stop, only to be pinned down by three of Sam's wolves. 

Lilly's POV 

"Hello beautiful," a voice said out to me. 
That was a voice I didn't want to hear again.  
I opened my eyes and saw Salem on top of me, holding me down. 
"I'm going to rape you Lilly, rape you real good! Once I'm done with you, you will belong to me forever!" Salem said, laughing. 
"Not so fast, fucker!" Another voice said. 
We turned to see Kate charging at us, anger in her eyes. 
Kate knocked Salem off of me, biting hard on his throat. 
I saw a bunch of Sam's wolves charging at us, so I unsheathed my claws and began charging at the invading wolves. 
There was so many wolves, that I was now beginning to regret coming up here, only to see my beloved Garth die a painful death. 
One after one, I killed many wolves, trying to keep my sister safe. 
I took a look at her and saw her struggling with Salem on top of her. 
I knew if I didn't help her, Salem would rape her. 
"Now Katie, I just wanted to rape Lilly, but since you fucked up my fucking plans, I'll fuck you up first, then give you a front row seat to you Omega's death!" Salem said, laughing. 
He pressed his lips against Kate's, making me run at him faster. 
Kate was trying to scream but was struggling to push Salem off. 
I pushed him off of Kate and began ripping into his throat, tearing it off of him. 
"Lilly, watch out!" Kate shouted, but it was too late. 
Someone behind me grabbed me and stabbed me in the chest. 
"No one kills my best wolf!" A voice said, recognizing it as Sam's voice. 
Sam threw me to the ground, only to pin me and tearing open my chest area. 
I screamed in extreme pain as I felt Sam cut out my heart. 
Kate was in too much shock to do anything, as she just sat there and cried in front of me. 
I looked at her one last  and smiled. 
"I love you..." I said, then everything went black. 

Kate's POV 

The lights in Lilly's eyes left immediately when Sam held up her heart. 
"Finally, another Omega down, three more to go!" Sam said, a huge smile on his face. 
The tears kept coming down my cheek, as I watched the graphic scene unfold. 
I then remember the last word she said to me, as I began baring my teeth to Sam. 
"I love you too Lilly, and you will be avenged!" I said, charging at Sam. 
My claws tore through half of his face, taking one of his ears with them. 
Blood began to cover half of his face and dripping down his body. 
He then stabbed me in the back left leg, making scream in pain. 
"You will pay for that bitch!" Sam shouted, grabbing my tail and dragging me closer to him. 
He kept stabbing my back with his claws, blood splatter with every stab. 
Suddenly, we all heard a demonic howl, but it wasn't a wolf's howl, but of a dog. 
Sam looked up and smiled. 
"Well well well... look who decided to show up," Sam said, with a grin. 
I looked to see a Siberian Husky standing a few feet from us, his eyes glued with Sam. 
"Leave her alone Sam... this is between you and me," the dog said. 
"Smile Dog, shut your fucking mouth! I will hurt her if you come closer," Sam shouted, baring his teeth at the dog. 
Smile Dog snarled at Sam, his teeth were very different from what I saw from other dogs that came to Jasper every week. 
His teeth were of human teeth and they seem to have some blood to them. 
"I said, leave her alone and fight me!" Smile Dog shouted, baring his teeth. 
"I'll help you!" Another voice said. 
We all looked to see Humphrey approaching us, blood and cuts all over him. 
"You fucking killed my mother! You killed Garth! Who else are you going to kill! Huh!" Humphrey shouted, "Who fucking cares, because I will kill you Sam." 
"Yeah right Omega, you can't kill me even if you try..." Sam said, laughing. 
"We will help them too," Two voices said in unison. 
Eve and Hutch came up with angry looks on their faces. 
"Oh boy, this is great, Four fucking wolves against one of me, but I can fight like ten wolves, so you're out numbered!" Sam said, laughing. 
Humphrey looked at me, shocked! 
"Kate! Are you ok!" Humphrey asked, worried. 
"I'm fine! Just hurting!" I said, in tears. 
"I'll save you sweetheart, don't worry!" Humphrey said, his eyes tearing up, then he looked at Sam with a look of pure rage, "I'll fucking kill you!" 
"Oh no... poor Humphrey, did you beautiful mate get hurt, don't worry, I can put her out of her misery for you," Sam said in a mocking voice. 

Humphrey's POV

"Shut Up!" I shouted, "I warn you Sam, if I go down, I'm taking you with me!" 
Sam just started laughing when he picked something off the ground. 
It was a dagger, something a human used. 
"See this, I killed a human to get this," Sam said, grabbing it, "Now, I will kill you with it!" 
Sam threw it and it stabbed me in the shoulder. 
I shouted in pain as everyone charged at Sam. 
Smile Dog bit down on his shoulder as Eve tried to go for the kill. 
Then Sam pushed them off and he swung his paws at them, cutting into Eve's legs. 
Hutch pushed Sam to the ground, trying to rip open his throat. 
I saw Sam smile and I knew, if I don't try and help, someone else would die. 
I grabbed the dagger and charged at Sam, only to be pushed away by Sam. 
Sam then grabbed Hutch and threw towards a tree, one of the branches impaling him. 
Hutch gasped for air when Sam grabbed the dagger from me and jammed it into his skull 
I looked and saw Eve and Smile Dog getting up, then I looked at Sam who was licking the blood off his paw. 
This part is very similar to scene in John Carter when John was fighting all the aliens and seeing his past life. 
Memories then came back to me, mainly of my dad fighting Sam when he first attacked. 
Just like my dad did to Sam in my memories, I then jumped into the air and knocked Sam towards the ground. 
I stood on top of him, just swinging my paws like crazy, slashing and cutting him up. 
Each time I swung at Sam, my memories played in my head, the same memory of my dad fighting Sam. 
Instead of me getting injured, it was Sam who was being injured. 
Then as I was about to lay another slash on Sam, he grabbed my paw and pushed me off. 
His whole body filled with cuts, blood now covering his entire body. 
"Mind if I cut in!" Smile Dog shout, jumping on Sam and ripping part of his back. 
The ground was now covered in blood, both from me and Sam. 
I quickly looked at Kate who was now laying next to Lilly's dead body, then back at Sam, only to see him grab Smile Dog by his head. 
"I created your inner monster, and this is how you repay!" Sam shouted. 
Smile Dog spit in his face before speaking in a raspy voice, "Fuck you Sam... I had the perfect life before you fucking turned me into a monster!" 
Sam then made a loud screech, something that I never heard before. 
He looked at me with a very scary but demonic face, his eyes a bright red color. 
His teeth were now razor sharp and long. 
What happened next freaked me out, Sam ripped open Smile Dog's chest and ripped out his heart. 
Smile Dog then went limp as Sam pulled his head out of his chest, the heart hanging from his jaws. 
Then I wanted to puke when Sam began eating the heart. 
Sam began approaching, his mouth bloody from the heart he just ate. 
"You're next..." Sam said, in a demonic voice. 
His claws then began to get larger, but I saw someone charging at Sam from behind. 
I was shocked to see it was Eve, but Sam smiled and turned around, impaling Eve with his large claws. 
"No!!!!" I shouted, baring my teeth at him. 
He threw Eve at Kate who was now crying after seeing her mother get stabbed. 
I charged at Sam, knocking him over one last time. 
He looked at me with a shocked face, but I just punched his face as hard as I can. 
It was all bloody with a little bone showing, but I didn't stop there. 
I placed my claws towards his chest and gave the most angriest look I ever had. 
"Go to hell!" I shouted, "Say hi to the devil!" 
I jammed my claws into Sam's chest and began carving it out like he did to Lilly. 
All Sam did was scream in pain, but it stopped when I ripped out his heart and stomped it. 
I turned to see Kate crying over Eve, when I felt something stab me. 
"You will never be rid of me!" Sam said in a demonic voice. 
Without hesitation, I jammed my claws into his eyes, killing any sign of life in him. 
I removed my claws from his eyes, his body falling limp to the ground. 
For the last time, I stabbed his eyes, but this time, I went deeper. 
I quickly removed them and slowly limped towards Kate and Eve. 
Eve was in Kate's arm, her eyes halfway shut. 
"Eve!" I shouted, falling by her side. 
"Humphrey, I'm so happy to see you here..." Eve said weakly. 
"Stay still mom... you'll be fine..." Kate said, fighting the tears. 
"No Kate... you two will be fine, but it's time for me to go," Eve said, with a smile. 
"Don't say that, you're going to make it..." I said, letting a few tears fall down my cheeks, "Fuck, this is all my fucking fault..." 
"No it's not Humphrey, it's Sam's fault..." Eve said, weakly. 
"Eve, please forgive me... I was too blind to see, blinded by revenge," I said, more tears coming down my cheeks, "If it wasn't for me, this would never happen." 
"It's ok Humphrey, I am glad you came into our lives... that is more than a lowly Omega like myself could deserve," Eve said. 
She then lifted a paw to me, her eyes locked with mine. 
I grabbed it and felt her squeeze my paw. 
"Remember this Humphrey... my son," Eve said, "No matter what, me and your mother will always be with you and Kate... Always remember that Omegas are the true wolves, and always keep the peace. 
She then coughed before turning to Kate, "Kate, my precious daughter... since the day you were born, I was scared about what kind of mother I would be. I hope I was a good one..." 
"You were a good mother, the best mother anyone could ask for," Kate said, breaking down crying. 
Eve smile as she took her only free paw and lifted Kate's head so she can look into her eyes. 
"Do this for me..." Eve said, softly, "Go back to Jasper... have lots of puppies... grow old with Humphrey by your side... but most... of all... be... a... good mother... to... your... pups..." 
She then let out one last breath before going limp. 
"Eve? Eve!" I shouted, trying to get her to look at me. 
She remain stilled as both me and Kate broke down. 
"No! Don't do this to Kate! Don't leave her!" I shouted again, before burying my head into her neck, just crying like a newborn. 
We were both crying for a while when Kate looked at me and spoke in a sad voice. 
"So this is what it feels like," Kate said, sadly, wiping the tears from her eyes. 
"Yes... but it hurts so much!" I said, "Everyone keeps leaving me like this! I don't want to feel this way again!" 
"I won't leave you," Kate said softly. 
I looked at her and smiled. 
We both kissed each other gently, happy to see both of us alive. 
No matter what, I was happy to see Kate was alive. 
The only problem is how many of our wolves are alive, there was more REBEL wolves coming in to attack, but all we heard was quietness. 
How would Winston react to Eve and Lilly's death, let alone Hutch's death 

A:N//: How was it? Poor Garth, Lilly, Hutch, Eve, and Smile Dog. So, I have a question, did any of you think that Smile Dog was going to appear in this chapter? So, are you ready for the emotional last chapter, the final farewell to our beloved characters. So there might be a sequel to this, but it's not official. If there is a sequel, here is what I will include: 
A) Sam will make a return since he is part demon 
B) Smile Dog will also return but as a normal dog 
C) Lilly, Garth, and Eve might be returning, since Humphrey and Kate will try and find a way to bring them back since Peter came back. 
D) Stinky, Runt, and Claudette will become major characters. 
E) Kate getting closer to Peter 
Well, there you have it, do vote on what you want to see as a possible plot for the sequel. Well, I have to go for the night, see you next time I update. I will begin working on the next chapter as soon as I get a chance to.
Well, it's official. My Little Pony: The Haunting in Ponyville is going to be my only Halloween story and I already got some of the story started and here is what I have to say. It's pretty scary so far, making this my scariest My Little Pony story. So here is some facts about the story:

  1. Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy will be the main focus, while Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Cadance, and Shining Armor are going to be secondary characters. Princess Luna and Celestia are going to be in the story but not as much as Twilight and the above characters. Ashley and another OC of mine will be in the story.
  2. Ashley aka the Spirit of Ponyville is not the main antagonist of the story, but she will scare the Main Six. She is more of a victim in the story.
  3. The main antagonist named the Shadow Pony is said to be so scary, that even Celestia would not speak of him. He is also a greater evil and known as the King of Darkness. 
  4. Celestia and Luna are extremely terrified of Ashley's house, but they also took all of the Corruption of Ponyville and placed in a dungeon type place beneath Ponyville (Think Shadow Temple from the Ocarina of Time game, but with a My Little Pony touch)
  5. The tagline of the story is this - Every town has it's dark secrets
  6. Half of the story is set inside Ashley's house, while the other half is set in a dark twisted version of Ponyville, with Mayor Mare seen as a sadistic dictator.
  7. The Shadow Pony is going to be my scariest characters and will torment Twilight throughout the story.
  8. Sam from my Alpha and Omega stories might be making a slight cameo in the story
This story should be out in October, just in time for Halloween. I will then begin working on this story along with Vampire in Ponyville which will get a Halloween chapter. There will also be a character from twilight568 for both this story and Vampire in Ponyville. Her character will be a major part of Vampire in Ponyville while her role in this story is a mystery. She can be either in the past of Ponyville or present time with Twilight Sparkle.

At the moment, you can submit a character to be used in these stories. I'm currently looking for characters to be involved in this story rather than Vampire in Ponyville. The characters can be for the past of Ponyville and the present time. If you submit a character, please include these:

Well, that's it for now. If you are looking forward to reading this, feel free to comment. I'm planning on making this my scariest story yet. Have a lovely night and see you when I upload something :)
Well, it's time to give everyone an update on things. As you may know, I'm making the next chapter to A Lonely Omega, then begin working on the next chapter of Vampire in Ponyville. That means, Vampire in Ponyville will be one of the stories I will work on after I complete A Lonely Omega, followed closely to Alpha and Omega 2: Reunited and Kate vs Lilly. Also, this Halloween, be on the lookout for my new scary My Little Pony story, The Haunting in Ponyville, based on the image I made of Ashley, aka, the spirit of Ponyville:
The Spirit of Ponyville

So, with the rest of this year, I will work on the stories I started a while ago. There will be a few Star Fox stories and a possible Lion King story in the future. Next year will be a big year for me and my stories, with the premiere chapter of Red Ponies vs Blue Ponies, followed closely to my next Emotional story, Darker Days, a new My Little Pony story.

Now onto the images, as I said before, I was having a hard time making the images look right. I have some good news for you all. I may have four possible images coming up, three are Alpha and Omega images, all involving Kate. I'm recreating the Love Howl scene, with Humphrey and Kate in close contact with each other and their noses touching. It was inspired by this image:…
Then there is an Alpha and Omega hypnosis image with Kate being hypnotized, inspired by a story I read a long time ago. Now, my final Alpha and Omega image is of both Humphrey and Kate, but on a date together. I used the same style I used for this:
Kate Portrait
It looks so good that I'm feeling motivated to finish it. As for the final image, it is of Lola Bunny, but I won't give out any details on the image. This is going to be the first of a series of images for Lola Bunny or Bugs Bunny. I don't know when they will arrive, but if things go right, I will get them here as fast as I can. Thank you all for the support, I really appreciated. I only hope to improve myself so I can continue to provide great images. As always, have a lovely night and see you when I upload something :)
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3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 13 people (I won't comply with this rule, I'll choose the number of folks ^^. Those who I tag do what you please)
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6.- Not something like "you are tagged if you read that" 
7.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people. (As I said per above)
8.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
9.- Tag-backs are ALLOWED
10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11.- You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
12.- Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
13.- Cussing is ALLOWED


1. Didn't start doing fan fiction stories until I read a lot of stories from ThatPersonYouProbablyDon'tKnow from To this day, he remains a huge influence on my stories.
2. My most epic story is A Lonely Omega, but may soon be replaced with Jasper Park. The final battle part in the story is going to have a lot of deaths.
3. James Horner is also an influence on my stories, mostly my emotional stories like Decision and A Lonely Omega. He will be dearly missed and he leaves behind a great legacy.
4. I watch a lot of movies and review them on IMDB. I review movies on both the story, music, animation (If there's any), Special Effects, and Acting.
5. A fan of Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Alpha and Omega, Star Fox, Legend of the Guardians, My Little Pony, and a lot more.
6. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy are my top favorite characters from My Little Pony, but I will never split up the Main Six, like I won't split up Kate and Humphrey.
7. Kate is my #1 favorite character.
8. One word to describe me is Serious, I am pretty much serious most of the time, but I do have a joking side to me.
9. My all time favorite Youtuber is EntoanThePack.
10. I watch a lot of videos on Youtube, mostly from Entoan and Dlive.
11. I do a lot of reading, but mostly fan fictions.
12. My evil character Sam was one of my very first OCs for a fan fiction
13. I'm also a Disney fan, loved watching their movies, but not all of them.

Ocre's Questions:

1. What's your favorite holiday destination?

Nothing really, I don't travel

2. Favorite film genre?

I don't exactly have a favorite genre, I watch all kinds of movies, but I can say Animated movies are my favorite to watch

3. If you could meet one person right now, who would it be?

EntoanThePack, he would be so awesome to meet

4. How's 2015 been so far?

So far, pretty good, but right now, it's stressful... been doing a lot of work and been very sore

5. Got a guilty pleasure? If you do, mind sharing? :P (Lick)

I have nothing for this question, don;t have one

6. What would you call your biggest accomplishment?

A Lonely Omega is by far my biggest accomplishment, it's becoming my most reviewed story with a lot of positive feedback. This story is so successful, that I may do a sequel. It even went past it's predecessor, Decision, my first Rio story.

7. Would you call yourself active by nature?

Probably yes but I'm not sure at the moment.

8. What kind of things you absolutely can't stand?

Mostly people who are nasty to other people and Walmart, I can't stand Walmart now, all they do is lie

9. Gun or Sword?

I'm not sure, but I think I would go for a sword, as it is more quiet and you won't have to worry about running out of ammo

10. If you make art, what would be your tip for emerging new artists?

My best tip is to keep trying and learn to improve your art. The more you try, the better you will get. 

11. Are you big on books?

Not really, my time now is really short.

12. Waiting for any games this year?

The new Star Fox game

13. Favorite gaming platform?

3DS, had it when it came out and I love it so much.

jhilton0907's Questions

1. Do you have any characters you can't stand?

2. Have you seen Ridlet Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings

3. Only if you seen them. Which would you prefer: Noah or Exodus: Gods and Kings?

4. One word to describe yourself?

5. Best video game series?

6. Have you heard of EntoanThePack or Dlive22891 from Youtube?

7. What is the color of your eyes?

8. What's your view on Depression?

9. Would you love to be in a movie?

10. Were you aware that Five Nights At Freddy's was being made into a movie?

11. Is there a movie that you're looking forward to this year?

12. How are you feeling right now?

13. If you can do anything, what would it be?

I tag these people:


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because i hate the flim with a burning passion no offense
dinoguts2003 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
because i hate the flim with a burning passion no offense
dinoguts2003 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
because i hate the flim with a burning passion no offense
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