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Darko (Vampire Version) by jhilton0907
Darko (Vampire Version)
This is Darko, one of my OCs and this is what he looks like as a vampire. Darko was first introduced in the third chapter of my story, Alpha and Omega: Losing Everything. You can read the chapter here:
Darko is also one of my villains and the one that hypnotizes Kate in my recent image:
Kate hypnotized by a vampire

Abilities: Hypnosis (He uses it on Kate and manipulates her into being in love with him and forcing her to become his slave), Mind Control (This comes with the hypnosis, and makes his victims even more obedient), and Read minds (He can read minds and discover their secrets, which he uses on Humphrey and discovers his fear of losing Kate and uses his fears against him).
Enemies: Humphrey (For Stealing Kate from him), Eve (For pushing him away from Kate and ruining his friendship with her), Winston (For taking away his Alpha privileges), and Garth (For exposing him to the packs)
Dislikes: The Sun (Makes him weak and takes away his powers until he returns to the shade), Being called a vampire (He doesn't like when other wolves accuse him of being a vampire, and does whatever he can to deny the fact, so his plans are ruined), and Losing control over Kate.
Likes: Controlling Kate and Lilly (He takes great joy in controlling his victims, so that way he can drink from them when ever he wants), when other wolves call him master, getting his way, Kate's looks, Lilly's eyes (He loves them even more when they're hypnotized)
Goal: To take over the world with Kate under his complete control and have her as his obedient mate and slave.
Backstory: He was once a friend to Kate and Lilly, until they met Humphrey. Disliking him already, Darko pushes many boundaries when he attempted to hypnotize Kate only to be caught by Eve, who pushes him away, thus ruining his friendship with Kate. After Alpha School, he is still jealous by the attention Humphrey gives Kate and tries to hypnotize her again, only to be rattled out by Garth and exposing his secret, which leads to Winston relieving him of his Alpha privileges. This only angered him more and he witnessed the wedding of Kate and Humphrey, which sends him into hiding for six months, planning a way to get Kate. He soon found out Humphrey's fear and uses that against him. One night, while Kate is alone patrolling the border near his den, Darko sneaks up to her and scares hers, which leads to a friendly talk between the two. Kate looks down and begins talking about her life with Humphrey, then looks up, only to be entranced by Darko's hypnotic gaze. He manipulates her and discovers his true goal, which was to conquer the world and have Kate under his control. He manages to get Lilly under his control but his plan fails when Garth and Humphrey's love breaks Kate and Lilly out of their trances, sending Darko away as he gives Humphrey one last evil glare, swearing that he will die next time they meet.
Kate hypnotized by a vampire by jhilton0907
Kate hypnotized by a vampire
Inspired by Mo.Night by GLORIPEACE

Kate is under the hypnosis of an Vampire. The vampire is not Humphrey, it is a new wolf that only wants Kate for her looks. 

Here's a little story to go with the picture.
Kate is overjoyed to have Humphrey as her mate that one night, she decides to take a walk by herself, thinking of a way to surprise Humphrey the next day and she wanted it to be perfect. But in the shadows, lies Darko, a wolf that had a crush on Kate and only wants her for her looks. But he is hiding a dark secret, he is a vampire. Seeing this as his chance to get Kate, he purposely bumps into Kate so she could stare into his eyes, only to be hypnotized by his hypnotic gaze. To make matters worse, it is the night of the full moon and now, Darko can manipulate Kate into whatever he wants her to be.

Special thanks goes to GORIPEACE for making one of the best images of Kate and Humphrey and for the inspiration his image had on this
Daria by jhilton0907
This is Daria from Alpha and Omega 4. She is one of my favorite out of the new characters they introduced in the sequels. Her past is pretty sad and was really mean of her old pack kicking her out because she was blind. 

Here is a little story for the picture. After being accepted into the Western Pack. Daria decides to take a walk around, enjoying the beautiful day and feeling really safe for the first time. Regardless of her blindness, she found herself in a place that used to be a hangout for Humphrey and Kate when they were pups

Made with deviantART muro
Twilight and Kaa by jhilton0907
Twilight and Kaa
One night, Twilight Sparkle decides to take a walk alone, but ends up meeting Kaa and falling under his spell.
"Come to me Twilight... Trust in me," - Kaa said as Twilight falls even more under his spell.

Journal History

Ok, this is a series of stories I was thinking of making, but no official date of when I will start these. These stories will explore the origins of Alpha and Omega, featuring the origins of Humphrey, Tony, Eve, Winston, King, and most likely Daria. These stories will feature violence and language and are going to be epic stories. I also included some music that would fit the tone of each story.

Jasper Park - The first epic origins story focuses on how Jasper Park was formed and how it became the center of all wolf packs. Before Kate and Humphrey... Before Winston and Eve... and Before the Pack law. Follows the story of Alex, a lonely Omega wolf who rose to power to lead his fellow Omegas to freedom after they were enslaved by the Alphas. But things get worse when Alex's Alpha brother, Norman threatens to kill every Omega if he doesn't surrender himself. Now, Alex must embark on a journey that will shape Jasper Park forever as well as change him into a leader of Omegas. His only mission, to persuade the Alphas that Alphas and Omegas belong together before a violent battle breaks out, a battle that will decide the fate of Jasper Park.

Some facts about the characters:
Alex - The brave Omega that rose to power is actually the first wolf in Humphrey's bloodline. Alex was also known as the first true Omega, and one of the wolves that made the Pack Law that was eventually lifted in the Alpha and Omega.
Norman - The wicked jealous brother of Alex and the father of the bad Alphas. Norman hated having an Omega as a brother and wish nothing but harm on him. He was actually the one responsible for making the REBEL pack, my wicked Alpha pack. It was because of the bad Alphas that caused the pack law to look bad and eventually separate the Alphas from Omegas.
Saul - A friendly Alpha that befriended Alex and helped him lead the Omegas to freedom. He was actually the first wolf in Winston's bloodline, and the first good Alpha.
The Wicked Alphas - Once good Alphas but became corrupt and greedy with power, which led to them enslaving the Omegas. After they were all defeated, some of them scattered all over the world and grew in numbers, thus making the REBEL pack and plotting to end all Omegas. After Alex's death, they came out in hiding and corrupted the pack law to where only Alphas can be with Alphas.
The Original Pack Law - No Alpha shall harm an Omega. Alphas and Omegas can be together if they wish. For the safety of all Omegas, no Alphas can force an Omega to do what they want or threaten them.

Fitting Music for Jasper Park:

Alpha and Omega Origins: Tony - Before he became the leader of the Eastern pack, he was just an ordinary Alpha, who vowed to defend Omegas from Alpha cruelty. Follow the epic origins of what changed Tony from an Ordinary Alpha to a very respective Omega protective and how he met Alice, a shy Omega and the mother of Garth. From dealing with the ferociousness of the REBEL pack, and why he chose to follow the pack law before he agreed to lifting it in Alpha and Omega. You will also see the origins of King in this as he starts out as a loyal follower of Tony and how he fell out of favor, leading to him forming the Rogue pack.

Fitting music for Alpha and Omega Origins: Tony

Alpha and Omega Origins: Eve - Eve was once an shy Omega till she met Winston, the pack leader's son. Wanting to be with him, Eve goes to Alpha School to become an Alpha, but goes through many hardships like being bullied, beaten up, and almost getting raped by the Alpha males. Eve begins to form an aggressive behavior, to defend herself and her family as Eve discovers that love is worth fighting for

Fitting music for Alpha and Omega Origins: Eve
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I am a writer on FanFiction by the same name, jhilton0907. I have wrote one complete story for Alpha and Omega and working on more stories, including my best story, Decision which is from the movie Rio. I will be making more stories and will be doing crossovers, mainly for Alpha and Omega and Rio. If you have a request, feel free to suggest it. I can accept requests and will be doing my own posters for my stories.
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